Do you get it?? ….The Flash…I mean….

We want to make sure all members are receiving the club newsletter, “The Flash”.  It’s informative, interesting, funny, educational, entertaining, and generally keeps you up to date with club activities.

If you are a member of the Atlanta Austin-Healey Club and are NOT receiving emails about the club, including the Flash newsletter (April’s went out April 4th: 2018-04_The_Flash ), please send an email to the editor:     Rick Hertzberg,

2 thoughts on “Do you get it?? ….The Flash…I mean….

  1. Mike Morrison

    I need some help with correct information on a1959 Healey and a1960 Healey I have. The 59 is a BN6 and the 1960 is a BN7. Thank you

    1. 1960BT7

      Mike, Welcome to the Atlanta Austin Healey Club website. I have made our membership aware of your request today, and hopefully you will hear back from someone who is knowledgeable about those specific vehicles. It would be helpful if you let us know more specifically what you are looking for.

      I encourage you to consider attending one of our upcoming club meetings or tech sessions. That would give you the opportunity to meet some of the members and see if membership in the club might be beneficial to you. There is a wealth of knowledge amongst the members.

      There is a Tech Session on Saturday May 19th, and I’d be happy to have someone meet and greet you there and introduce you around.

      Personally I have a 1960 BT7, the four-seater version of your BN7. I’ll be happy to answer any specific questions you have on that vehicle if I can. Just let me know.


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