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Healey Paint Colors



Late BJ8 Front Wheel Bearing Replacement and End Play Adjustment

This writeup assumes that you are performing a complete overhaul, replacing bearings and performing an end play adjustment from scratch.

The idea with end play adjustment is that if you assembled just spacers and bearings – leaving out the shims – then tightened down the castle nut the whole assembly wouldn’t quite make contact with the backing plate. If you could reach inside you’d find the spacers would move around on the shaft. If you mounted the wheel you would notice that it would move slightly up, down and from side to side. By adding shims you reduce and eliminate this slop by forcing these two spacers to become a load bearing part of the suspension.  Continue reading

Rear Spring Replacement 1964 BJ8 by Hoke Smith

I thought that replacing the rear springs of our “Annabelle” would be easy: remove seven bolts, remove spring, and replace in reverse order. I should have listened to my Momma! While trying to find a resource, or at best, instructions on the best way to accomplish this task, I came across the statement “If you are a religious person leave this task for someone else”. After reading that quote, one side of me said “maybe I can’t” but the other side of me said “I can”! Some of the best advice ever given to me occurred a long time ago when I was a second grader at Tucker Elementary and it was given to me by a wonderful non-politically correct teacher named Mrs. Keith. I was trying to do something that was very hard for me to do and she was trying to encourage me. When in exasperation I said “I can’t do it!”, she corrected me by saying “Hoke, never say I can’t . Instead, say I’ll try”. Well now for over fifty years her wonderful advice has rewarded me on many occasions. Continue reading