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Do you get it?? ….The Flash…I mean….

We want to make sure all members are receiving the club newsletter, “The Flash”.  It’s informative, interesting, funny, educational, entertaining, and generally keeps you up to date with club activities.

If you are a member of the Atlanta Austin-Healey Club and are NOT receiving emails about the club, including the Flash newsletter (April’s went out April 4th: 2018-04_The_Flash ), please send an email to the editor:     Rick Hertzberg,


The Atlanta Austin-Healey Club has monthly meetings or get-togethers.  Business Meetings will be held in April, July and October.  These will cover club business and events planning.

All other months except December, meetings will be less formal and often at an event.  This could be a Drive, Tech Session or other Social Event.  This is called a B-L-D Meeting: a Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner meeting.  Again, revolving around a drive, a tech session or just to meet.    Therefore, we will be meeting at many locations or events.We really see this as a chance to get your cars out and/or just to socialize.   See our Events Calendar in Upcoming Events for locations, dates and times.